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JB Weld Steering Wheel Repair

For most of us who enjoy driving our classic cars and  trucks, the steering wheel is the tactical contact point that just has to look  and feel good.  Unfortunately, a lot of the vintage stock steering wheels out there have acquired aging cracks that occurred over many hard years of sun exposure and use. These wheels are solid for the most part, and the cracks are really more of an aesthetic, rather then a functionality issue, but they do need some sort of repair.

After searching the Internet, and seeing what vendors are offering at the car shows and swap meets, I had found several different kits offered  to repair steering wheels, but most were kind of expensive, These kits usually contained a cleaner, and some sort of filler material. Most of the fillers were epoxy based.  I thought, for what the kits were offering, the price was too high and there had to be a more cost effective way to go. Going through my shop I found the perfect solution - JB Weld 2 part epoxy putty stick.

The cool thing about using the epoxy putty stick is it is water soluble making it easy to form and cleanup, and it is inexpensive. The epoxy putty is also firmer and easier to form and work with.  Below are some pictures of how well it works.  After finishing the repair, all you need t do is paint it with Krylon Fusion for a near perfect repair


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